Saturday, January 5, 2008

We have lost our way.

Now that the Iowa Caucus is over and done with, the focus is on the highly independent and irreverent state of NH. LIVE FREE or DIE! That's right, we're not messing around. My state goes "all in" when it comes to politics. I've lived in NH almost all of my life. I grew up here, moved away for college, but moved back as soon as I could to raise my family. NH is such a great state, the folks that have screwed up Massachusetts are moving to NH in droves. Over the past 10 years the population of Massachusetts has plummeted while the population of NH is growing like crazy. Folks in NH work hard, want a simple life, and want to be left alone. Politicians are the last people they want in this state. When we look at the candidates that come here to win our vote, many NH voters cast their vote on the person who will ultimately leave them alone and not mess up this great state.

It is clear after the Iowa Caucus, that there is a desire for change. I could not agree more. This country needs to clean house, hold a yard sale, pay off some credit card debt and get its ducks in a row. This country needs to re-think the roll of the federal government. Folks shouldn't have to look to far, it's pretty much spelled out in the Constitution. Has this world changed and does that document need to be amended to take into consideration todays issues and world events? Of course, why not. That's the whole point of the Constitution. Instead the President & Congress bend the laws and ignore the Constitution to go to war and violate citizens personal rights without batting an eyelash. Now is the time for a diversity of ideas. It is not the time to change from Vanilla to French Vanilla to use a tasty ice cream analogy. This country needs a candidate that will shake things up and make us think and re-think what the roll of government aught to be. The President is not a dictator. Congress can push back if certain ideas stretch the limits of the people. (whom they should be working for) It is our government that has lost its way. Both the Republicans & Democrats are to be blamed.


Shades said...

As I've told Matt, All Politics Is Local. Find good young local people that share your belief and get them elected to the State House or Town Council, then get them to run for higher positions to get your beliefs heard. At this time every 4 years it's easy to get caught up on the Presidential candidates. Real change starts locally.

sulldoggy said...

French Vanilla? Only a kid from NH would find vanilla a tasty metaphor!
Didn't NH help put Dubya in the White House?

Hulashad said...

Dubya ran as a Republican back in 04, but turned into something completely different when he got into the white house. So much for being a fiscal conservative or enforcing immigration laws. His foreign policy is completely outta control. This election, if I vote for Obama, I know I'm getting a liberal. If I vote for McCain, I know I'm getting a liberal. I just want to get what I vote for. At this point, I'm voting Irish. O'bama is my current choice.