Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ron Paul at the Red Arrow Diner.

Over the holiday break, I attended a small Ron Paul meet up at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH. The Red Arrow is one of those places that all of the candidates go to on their "Stumppin" through the state. On this particular morning, it was about 20 degrees and there was chance of an icy mix of snow and freezing rain. I showed up at the Diner at 7:50. It was reported that Ron Paul would be arriving at 8:30. When I arrived, there were about 5 people standing outside the diner. With-in minutes Ron Paul supporters started to pours out of the streets. There was around 35-40 supporters, some had traveled from Seattle, Texas, and South Carolina. All of the out of staters have come to NH to help for the primary. An older couple had traveled to NH to support Ron Paul. This couple had converted one of their hot air balloons to have the slogan RON PAUL REVOLUTION on the side. There were three news organizations there interviewing supporters and customers of the diner. Doctor Paul arrived before 8:30 accompanied by his son, some campaign people and a state trooper. He greeted all of us warmly, shaking just about everyones hands and speaking with us and the press briefly. After a quick hello, he proceeded into the Diner to meet with the locals having breakfast. The supporters of Paul remained outside to wave and greet early morning risers. After 20min, Doctor Paul exited the Diner to then speak to the growing crowd. He spoke of his message and vision for America along with Fox New excluding him from a round table discussion that was to be held one day before the NH primary. Fox news selected to not invite Ron Paul despite the fact that he is polling higher than Fred Thompson who will be attending. Bias media? Doc. Paul got the crowd all wound up then he was off to his next event. What is more interesting is that weeks prior to this event, the Paul campaign had made reservations at the Red Arrow for this event, however a night before the event, they got a call from the Diner canceling Paul's visit because Bill Clinton wanted to visit at the same time. Well, that didn't stop Doc. Paul and his supporters. We all showed up anyways. The funny thing is though...we never saw one Clinton supporter that morning.


Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul! said...

The Revolution Is Real And After Ron Paul SHOCKS THE MSM Tonight, It Will Hopefully Start Getting Televised!

Shades said...

Sounded fun. I'm looking forward to meeting some candidate next week after the NH Primary.